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A schoolmistress must be a girl in thought and deed. Surely, there must be different methods of dealing with refractory children. Therefore, I am sending them to a boarding college conducted by nuns, who use neither strap nor cane, and I am satisfied that there they will be taught each self-management and the “solid virtues essential to continue my work” (“B.R.”). Sir — I am very glad your newspaper has introduced into the realm of discussion the above subject. I am headmistress of a school, in which there are one hundred seventy five ladies from 8 to 19 years, and I discover it essential to spank on the bare seat for disobedience. Last term I caned a lady of 19 years for giving trouble, and I must say it did her good. If I hit the women on the pinnacle, or frequently nagged at them, I ought to be the victim of criticism.

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